Build Hybrid ApplicationsDesktop, Mobile, Message & Email

Hybrid Applications

With an hybrid app, you can get the best of both worlds - the experience of a native app and a robust experience across mobile and web channels. The RUNWAY App framework also supports sending email and SMS as well as Desktop/Offline experiences in special cases.

Create Personalized ExperiencesSeamless experience across touchpoints

Orchestrated Experience

RUNWAY platform lets you meet the user's needs more effectively and efficiently - making interactions faster and easier and consequently increasing customer satisfaction and retention. Touchpoint orchestration allows for seamless interaction with proper context no matter what kind of device or interface is used. Role-based Access Controls filter the content and controls to provide appropriate security and control. User Preference Management allows tailoring of experience based on usage patterns and preferences. Social Platform Integration and interoperability with identity services provides ease of access.

Achieve an Adaptive EnterpriseSense and Respond to Risks & Opportunities

Adapt to Changes

The lack of agility within the enterprise leads to missed opportunities and uncontrolled risks. In order to achieve competitive advantage in times of constant and unpredictable change, the Adaptive Enterprise Model enables a faster sense and respond loop in responding to opportunities and risks.

The ease of finding, changing, and verifying codified explicit knowledge is a key performance indicator for an agile enterprise architecture. The core elements of the model are
Forms and Presentation Elements | Process Models (BPMN 2.0) | Rules | Event Catalogs and | Data Models

The Adaptive Enterprise Model supports the end-to-end lifecycle from capture and definition through execution and governance.

Embrace Open standards and OpensourceRapid Innovation and Total Cost of Ownership

Open standards and Opensource

Business Technology ligament, rapid innovation and lowering the total cost of ownership are important needs. Together open source tools, open standards and collaboration redefine Enterprise IT to be more cost effective, responsive and business aligned.