Dynamo is a powerful open-source platform that streamlines the configuration, building, deployment, and management of cloud-native applications. its vast collection of reusable building blocks, developers can save valuable time, effort, and resources, allowing them to focus on creating innovative solutions that drive business growth.


Cloud ALM Foundation

Design, build, and operate with ease using Cloud ALM Foundation - the essential platform for agile project management, streamlined collaboration, and continuous delivery in cloud environments.

Flexible Deployment Architecture

Maximize scalability and efficiency with our flexible deployment architecture. Utilize containers and serverless technology for seamless and adaptable infrastructure management.

End-to-end ALM Automation

We offer an end-to-end ALM automation solution to design, develop, and maintain your software efficiently. Our fully integrated workflow optimizes productivity and quality at every stage.

Security and Compliance

Ensure security and compliance with our flexible IAM configurations, built on the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Meet HIPAA and SoC requirements with confidence and ease.

Digital Process Automation

Enhance your organizational agility and efficiency with our digital process automation. Dynamo seamlessly integrates people, applications, devices, and information to power a truly digital organization.

Data Pipeline

Efficiently manage your data with our robust data pipeline. We aggregate, organize, reduce, and transform data for optimal storage, analysis, and insights. Streamline your operations with our pipeline today.

Knowledge Graph

Connect internal and external data silos with a knowledge graph for a comprehensive data store. Agile and schema-free, graphs evolve with your project for unparalleled flexibility..

Business Process Automation

Unlock the potential of your organization with our advanced BPMN and decision engine capabilities. Digitize, streamline, and optimize your business processes while seamlessly integrating with forms, users, data, and business logic.

Unified Customer Experience

Create a seamless unified customer experience across all platforms with our web, mobile, and chat offerings- empowering businesses to engage customers like never before.

Web & Mobile

Create a unified user experience across web and mobile platforms with our enterprise-level design system. Leverage reusable patterns and components for consistent, seamless user journeys

Conversational Interface

Transform user engagement with our conversational interface solution. Understand user intent and trigger relevant responses, providing a unified user experience across all channels and improving customer satisfaction.

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